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The Truth About Chlorine.

Posted by: JC Escudero | on Apr 7, 2020

Chlorine-free pools are here to stay… Welcome to Ozone/UV


The Truth about Chlorine 

The problems commonly associated with chlorine are almost always the result of water chemistry issues that are generally traceable to improper chemical maintenance, testing, and dosing.

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Are salt water pools better?

Posted by: JC Escudero | on Mar 31, 2020

Thinking of a Salt Water Pool - Think Again!

Why we don't recommend salt systems

While homeowners naturally want beautiful and durable finishes in their pools, the look and durability of a good pool finish is highly dependent on its environment. Getting 20 to 25 years of use out of a pool finish requires diligent monitoring and proper water balance. That, of course, applies to any pool with any sanitation option.

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