About JC Escudero




JC was born in Mexico City, with diverse family heritage and holding three nationalities he has been able to travel and reside on different continents. JC has been part of the industry since 2001 when he chose to return to the USA and jin the family business with a fresh and practical approach to construction and Customer Service. By 2009 JC was involved in over 1200 swimming pool projects. With a new generation of pool owners and clientele, the demand for a pool that was different from the traditional rose and JC decided to join Genesis to stay on top of the innovation curve. Genesis is a platform for higher education with an international accreditation community that shares one goal in common: build better, smarter and more efficiently. Currently, he presides and operates J Designs Pool and Spa with his long life partner. As a proud member of Genesis 3 Design Group, he passed rigorous testing to receive the Society of Watershape Designer Registered designation.

Society of Watershape Designers
National Plaster Council
California Pool and Spa Association
National Swimming Pool Foundation - Certified Pool Operator

"I recognize the needs of my clients by getting to know them and making sure the project reflects their lifestyle." -JC