The Importance of Maintaining the Chemical Levels of Your Pool

Posted by: admin | on Jul 10, 2014

Are you aware of the importance of maintaining proper pool water chemistry?

Construction is over! You regain your backyard and it's time to enjoy your new swimming pool. It is also time to keep up with the maintenance that your pool builder recommended at start up.

Not maintaining the proper levels on your water chemistry will cause the PH to raise and create calcium on the other hand adding too much chemicals will damage the surface of the plaster and compromising its waterproof.  Resulting, after extended periods of time, on deterioration of plaster and the shell itself.

plaster stains

The spa on the upper picture is stained with black spots. The picture below shows the stains removed.

When the PH of a pool or spa is not maintained at an ideal 7.4 other water particles will bond to the plaster surface resulting in permanent damage to the plaster.

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